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Deanna's Teaching Philosophy

Everyone has a right to take piano lessons. whether we feel "talented" or not.  It's my job to make that experience enjoyable and ultimately successful.

Since each learner is unique, I never teach two students in the exact same way.  But the techniques and concepts I teach each student are the same. 

Each student can expect to learn the following:

  • The ability to read music and play from a written score. 
    This includes learning basic music theory concepts like pitch and rhythmic notation, key signatures, time signatures, etc.   I know that not everyone likes music theory, but I have found that the better understanding a student has of music theory, the better musician he/she will be. 

  • How to play fluently and expressively.

  • Music history.   Because understanding why a composer wrote something helps you perform the work.

  • Method books I use for students of all ages include the "Piano Adventures" series, "Alfred Basic Piano Library," "Alfred Premier Series" and others. 

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