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Online Lessons

If there is anything we all learned in 2020, it’s that piano teachers and piano students don’t necessarily need to be in the same room for learning to be going on.  Zoom online lessons have been a handy way for us to keep going when we have been unable to meet in person.  I will continue to offer Zoom lessons to students who want them and Zoom lessons will also be an option during inclement weather.


In an ideal Zoom situation, teacher and student can clearly see each other and converse.  I can see your fingers on the piano and hear you play, and you can see my fingers and hear me play. 


At left is my view of a good student set up.  The student has an iPad on a stand at the end of the keyboard.  I can see her posture and her fingers on the keys.  I follow along with my own copy of her music.  

Students benefit most from a setup with a laptop or a tablet.  While they do work in a videoconferencing situation, I do not recommend using a smartphone for piano lessons.  The screen is much too small for you to see my fingers when I demonstrate the music.

At right is my setup at my home studio.  I have a similar set up at Leithold Music.  My laptop gives me the ability to talk to the student face-to-face.  I also have a            free-standing microphone so the student can hear my voice and the piano in the best possible quality. 


A separate webcam mounted on a boom stand allows me to show the student a view of my fingers as I play.


Here's a video I made about online lessons.  ***

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