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Growth Opportunities

Some students don't like playing for other people.  Audiences are watching, critiquing, judging.  But, for those who try it, public performances can be an important and empowering growth experience.

Everyone in my studio is welcome to try it, though public performances are never mandatory.  Here are some of the performance opportunities I offer.

Studio Recitals

Usually held in the Leithold Music Recital Hall, my studio recitals are open to all of my students.  Performers gain experience in stage etiquette, have an opportunity to hear their peers' repertoire and work toward a goal.

LAMTA Halloween Showcase

This annual Halloween event is open to all who study with members of the La Crosse Area Music Teachers Association.  The event is held at Valley View Mall and features students of all ages and their teachers performing in costume.


WMTA Auditions

Held in the spring at Viterbo University, this event is open to students of Wisconsin Music Teachers Association members.  Students can compete for a spot at Badger Auditions (state-level competition) participate on a non-competitive level.  Students perform 2-3 performance pieces and receive a score from a judge.  Students are also graded on a music theory exam. 

Other Events

may include workshops and masterclasses sponsored by LAMTA or WMTA.

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